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New Semester, New Games. [Jan. 18th, 2006|12:01 am]
NIU Gamers' Association


This semester, I'm aiming to get a group together for some regular gaming. I'd be more than willing to run a game, although I can't currently host (conveniently, at least). I'm interested in running:

a) An Iron Kingdoms d20 campaign, which is a d20 fantasy setting with a roughly 18-19th century tech level. It's a very fun, flavorful, detailed setting with a lot to offer players. This game would be d20 at core, but houseruled to make it a bit more "rules light" and narrative.

b) A series of "old school"-style d20 adventures. Straightforward dungeon-delving and dragon-slaying action, predominately using published modules. I'd keep the rules more straightforward for this game, depending on the group.

C) A Dogs in the Vineyard campaign. Dogs is a game where players play gun-toting paladins / inquisitors in an alternate 19th C Utah. Mainly notable for it's excellent mechanics, which emphasize narrative storytelling and grant the players a lot more control than most RPGs. Fun, fun game. I'd prefer not to run it as a campaign, though...maybe as a random one-or-two shot sometime if we get bored.

Let me know if you're interested! I'm hoping to get something running in the next couple weeks.

[User Picture]From: typoink
2006-03-10 12:44 am (UTC)

Re: question

Well, in my experience, the most irritating / unnerving ones ARE students, unfortunately. I doubt the drugged-out townie was looking for a pickup game of YuGiOh, honestly. Most of us geeks in general are good people. :)

But...in short, not really. The NIUGA itself is not student-limited, though I don't know of any regulars who aren't students or alums. Most of the games that get put together through us ARE student-only games, although my current game also has one alum. Shrug. Mileage may vary.
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